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Friday, July 22, 2011

Cell Tower meeting in Downtown

ATTENTION! Public Works  and PLUM joint Committee Meeting

The promised joint meeting of the PLUM and Public Works Committees will take place
NEXT TUESDAY, JULY 26, at 3pm at City Hall (mtg. room 350)
Approximately 30 people attended and spoke in support of regulation reform at the prior Public Works meeting in June.  Remember, only the Chair was present at that time, although more councilmembers are expected on 7/26.  Many cell company reps were in attendance at the June meeting and it is possible that they may testify against the reform effort at the joint committee meeting.  We therefore urge as many community members as possible to come to the meeting on Tues. and publicly speak out on the need for reform!  Please forward this email to other interested persons!

It will be extremely important for as many
concerned community leaders and concerned residents as possible
to attend and speak out on regulatory reform.


 If you need directions you can email