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Friday, February 11, 2011

GTCO Yard Sale & Community Fundraiser

You may have seen our flyer around..

Our Sherman Oaks neighborhood will be having a community yard sale/fundraiser for our GettheCELLOut effort and we want you to participate. WE WILL DO THE ADVERTISING FOR YOU!!

We simply ask that 20% (or more) of the profits you make that day be donated toward covering the costs incurred by GTCO in fighting to get the T-Mobile cell tower removed from our neighborhood.

(If you don't want to have a yard sale, but do have items you wish to donate, we will have a donation 'drop off' location for you!  Please email us.

We will also have a Community Bake Sale!  Please email is to participate.) 
You must RSVP by March 1st with a list of items you intend to sell so that we can put you on the map of participants.

RSVP & Contact: Ms. Nahtahna Cabanes, event organizer at:

Please Note: 100% of proceeds will be used toward our neighborhood's effort and to reimburse your fellow neighbors for expenses incurred for the "Get the Cell Out" effort.   We wish to thank all the wonderful residents in our neighborhood, especially our neighbors in the 'GTCO core group' that have volunteered their personal time and energy in fighting for justice and for our neighborhood's quality of life.  We are also grateful for those friends in nearby neighborhoods and communities who support our cause!