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Friday, January 7, 2011

Welcome Back Update, Meeting with Councilman Krekorian

Sherman Oaks Resident Stakeholders meet with Councilman Paul Krekorian
on January 6, 2011 regaring the Albers Street AGF
Following our victory with the Neighborhood Council, we optimistically settled into the holiday season.  We would like to welcome you all back with an update on our work.

Over the break your neighbors have been working hard towards real progress on the cell tower issue. On January 6th 2011, GetTheCellOut members met with Councilman Krekorian presenting a clear, concise, and itemized argument on why the cell tower should be removed. The Councilman was impressed with our presentation and receptive to our case.  We are thrilled to report that he has committed to the following actions:
  • to propose to the city council that better notification and possibly ordinances be required from cell phone companies in the future, making reference to the possibility that changes could be retroactive as was done in the San Francisco case
  • to draft a letter within the week listing the concerns of the Albers neighborhood to be presented to T-Mobile requesting an itemized response to those concerns within 14 days
  •  to  provide us with the city attorney's response to his request asking for a report on the extent of his authority to take action on the current cell tower installation
  • to present our case to the other city departments asking for a full analysis of the material
  • to reconvene after all the information from his office has been received and analyzed in support of an ongoing dialogue with our neighborhood
We want to thank Paul Krekorian for his time and efforts in meeting with us. We look forward to continued and open communication with the Councilman and are confident that we are on track towards concrete and a mutually beneficial outcome.  

  GET THE FULL STORY!:  Click below to download
The Complete CD2 Meeting Minutes of the January 6th Meeting with Councilman Paul Krekorian regarding the Albers Street Cell Tower.  (also available here)

Mr. Krekorian's Letter to City Attorney Trutanich, provided to us by Councilman Krekorian during the January 6th meeting.  (also available here)