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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Who knew about this?

T-Mobile works on Cell Tower on Albers Street, 11/03/2010
T-Mobile is known for purposely keeping residents in the dark about Proposed Cell Tower Installations in residential communities.  Their hope is the residents will not notice until it is too late and the tower is up.

Like most of us in the area, we just assumed a sewer line was being replaced and we had nothing to worry about.  However, things changed when only yesterday we learned that this is a Cell Tower Installation and are now on a race against time.

Troubling Discovery: 
On February 5, 2010,  Councilman Paul Krekorian's office was sent a "Cell Tower Proposal" letter notifying him of this project.  (see letter below / click on letter to enlarge)

Paul Krekorian failed to notify us of this work, allowing T-Mobile the opportunity to start work without our knowledge.  This is specially troubling when we hear that in June 2009 the LA County Board of Supervisors  voted unanimously to repeal portions of the Telecommunications act that allows the cell towers to be installed without our knowlege. 

It is not too late!: Call Paul Krekorian's office and demand action! 
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