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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Resident Across the Street from Cell Tower wants Answers

Below, I share the email of Jean-Louis, who lives right across the street from the cell tower site on Bevis Avenue and was not given any notice of this construction.  Anyone with answers, please respond to Jean-Louis in the comment section below:

Good Morning.  My name is Jean-Louis residing at 5501 Bevis Avenue in Sherman Oaks. The house is located at the corner of Bevis Avenue and Albers in Sherman oaks Just 1 block away from 2 schools.

I Understand that a cell tower is to be erected in our neighborhood  right across the street from us. Can you indicate if any environemental impact studies have been made before the selection of the site?  What are the health risk from the exposure of constant cell waves?

Also can you indicate why we have not been informed of such selection? Has that the homeowner whos fence has been removed for the work would have been notified of such work.
 We have now been inconvenienced by very early construction movements since last week (starting each day about 6:30 Am)

This would certainly lower the overall value of our properties , Would T mobile offer some level of compensation for the devaluation of our property value?.
 Does this also mean that our local property taxes would be revised downward?
 Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this message and follow up on our concerns.
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