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Friday, November 19, 2010

Our Sherman Oaks neighbood is NOT a T-Mobile Cell Tower Dumping Ground!

Since excavation work began in our neighborhood we quickly learned that T-Mobile was covertly installing their cell towers in many other neighborhoods, against the wishes of residents and homeowners. It is very clear to us that it is T-MOBILE (privately owned by Deutsch Telekom) who is leading this deception in our American neighborhoods and in the process subcontracting the actual installation work to local companies like LINK ENGINEERING INC. We realize that Link Engineering is under contractual obligations with T-Mobile and therefore have no interest or need to enter into any discussions with Link.
 That being said, SINCE ABSOLUTELY NO CONTACT INFORMATION was posted on the jobsite, neighbors had no choice but to approach workers to inquire about the “public works project” with those onsite. This is why residents requested permits and proof that LINK ENGINEERING was authorized to do the work being done. 

Unfortunately, instead of workers providing us with contact information for the appropriate representatives, or the requested documentation, some chose to personally interact with residents. In this process, these same workers began sharing THEIR PERSONAL OPINIONS regarding cell towers, mocking our concerns, disrespecting homeowners, and abusing the authority granted them by their orange vests.

Several of us in our neighborhood work in Construction and are familiar with the industry.  We are alarmed by the lack of protocol witnessed on the jobsite which only supports our suspicion that T-MOBILE has no absolutely no interest in the safety and welfare of our neighborhood residents.  With little assistance from our City of L.A. building officials and no support from Councilman Paul Krekorian, we as residents were subjected to the harassment of workers and to the dangers of a poorly managed construction site.  

Our Sherman Oaks neighborhood is being treated as nothing more than an ideal dumping site for T-Mobile’s Cell Tower while Councilman Paul Krekorian turns a blind eye, failing to meet with us, with his focus on his re-election campaign instead.
"Having communities and neighborhoods have a voice
in this office is going to be the mark whether we're victorious"

- Paul Krekorian, Nov 14, 2010.
Visit Paul's re-election campaign page and listen to his campaign speech and how he wishes to "aggressivelly pursue" re-election.