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Friday, November 5, 2010

Emergency Neighborhood Meeting Followup

We wish to thank everyone who joined us this evening at our very first "Neighborhood Meeting" graciously hosted by Gaye Nelson and Rick Gallavan.  The gathering allowed us to come together as a community and share what we have learned so far regarding the troubling T-Mobile Cell Tower project on Albers Street. 

We are most thankful to those neighbors who joined us from neighborhoods beyond Kester/Burbank/Magnolia who provided us with guidance and know-how based on their own personal experience defeating T-Mobile's Cell Phone Towers in the past.  Your support and friendship is appreciated and very much needed.

I realize tonight's meeting covered a very troubling issue that angers all of us.  Deficiencies in our city government only frustruate us further.  That being said, this very same issue is what has brought us together today allowing us the opportunity to unite and demand that our neighborhood be treated with respect. 

Time is of essence and we are doing all we can to coordinate our efforts as quickly as possible given our busy lives and limited resources.  I ask that we keep the faith as we fight this nasty cell tower battle and grow as a community in the process.

I hope to see you again very soon as we show T-Mobile that we are not pushovers.

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Good night!